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How to disable DSCP service on Solaris 10

on Sun M4000 server, you may see following exception or output of ifconfig -a command.

Getting exception : “Couldn’t set ppa for unit 0: File exists” or sppd0 interface exists in output of ifconfig -a

To get over that issue, you have to disable DSCP service. To do that,

1. Login as a root

2. Then, disable dscp service by following command.

bash-3.00# svcadm disable svc:/platform/sun4u/dscp:default

3. If you want to be sure of service name, then you can find by following command

# svcs -a | grep dscp
maintenance 1:23:45 svc:/platform/sun4u/dscp:default

4. Done!

 September 30th, 2010  
 Solaris 10  
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